Mediterraneo (wudingxi rd) and Casa 13 (huashan rd)

Mediterraneo (wudingxi rd )


it’s a unique place in shanghai ! (italian food)!

I remember last time i had dinner at this terrace. It provides you an overlook of the whole garden and new encounters are right there to happen !

Veiled in the green of cypresses, the old villas of Shanghai keep their stories to themselves, especially those outside the famous former french concession. Beauty in obscurity and legend in oblivion…

However, there are always chances that the glamour covered by the cloak of time shall be discovered by the explorers. Not only the splendor is revealed and reminiscence recollected, but also a new life, is infused.

Mr. Palli is an amazing chef, i can’t find any word sto describe his food ! coz they made me live in the heaven !

Casa 13 (huashan rd)

Casa 13 is the newest restaurant from one of Shanghai’s most personable and prolific restaurateurs, Eduardo Vargas. This restaurant, quietly tucked away down a lane off of Huashan Lu, is all about understated style, wholesome Mediterranean food and indulgent comfort. Located inside a 1930s villa that once was the home of the French Consul, Casa 13 combines several concepts in one space that exudes the elegance of Shanghai’s bygone era, with modern updates that lend a contemporary vibe to this old Spanish-style villa.

Rm. 13, 1100 Huashan Lu, French Concession ,near Xinguo Lu

Really nice Mediterranean food but can’t compare with "Mediterraneo" their food is much better !

I really like this sunroom in the rear of the courtyard, to soak up rays on sunny winter days

Casa 13’s design is simple but sophisticated, with a bar and lounge serving creative cocktails

the candle made us looks so weried in the pic ! HAHA ! thanks for Nicole ,took this pic for us as a good memory !



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  1. Sabrina Nicole says:

    dear u r welcome!!

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