BBQ at somehwere in Shanghai !

Fun BBQ Party at somewhere in SH

The house looks really nice, but what a pity, it’s not mine and it’s really far from downtown. take 45 mins drive from there to nan jing xi lu

These 4 girls r the main characters of this party ! hoho! should I introduce them again ?

Elaine W    Joyce   Nicole    Elaine LZ

Why they were holding knives ? Sure, they r not killers, just need to cut some onions !

Why Elaine W pointed the knife to my ass ?

The food r done ! 2 Yellow girls needed to take a rest and be taken some pics !

She is very professional !

My 1st try ! really good ! the fire flew out ,BUT I am so brave !!!!!!!

Nicole looks really so grace with my lovely scarf!!!

That’s the host ! Without him, we couldn’t have done that many things ! haha ! Xie xie !

Are they looks so delicious ?

I was ready to have wonderful dinner ! haha ! e si le !

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3 Responses to BBQ at somehwere in Shanghai !

  1. Sabrina Nicole says:

    i like these picsi like the days we can hang out together

  2. elaine says:

    bc i like ur ass…

  3. 头文字 says:

    很喜欢这组, 好有生活气息。 美女拿着利刃, 好帅可惜最后一张报纸当桌布

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