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Bar rouge (Bund 18 again)

Bund 18, one of the hottest spot in Shanghai

7th floor, Bar Rouge !

Ah, the red pendant lamps r so matched with the hall !

Actually it is the bar inside, but unfortunatly it’s too dark for my poor camera . haha !

Hehe, i can’t go to any clubs without her !

Rachel was in Blue

Before we left, had a rest in the hallway, what was I thinking? hmmm, better not tell ! but i really wanted a cigarette at that time !

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Moscow and St.Petersburg ( Russia)

It’s my 1st time on trip alone. but I still enjoyed it !I was impressed by the beautiful scenery in Russia!

1st stop in Russia is Catherine Palace


One of the dinning room in Catherine Palace ! Everywhere is golden, even the ceiling .

2nd Stop is Moscow Metro ! It’s amazing that they built them in 1935

Landmark of Moscow Vasile Assumption Cathedral

Red Square with Galina Ulanova style ballet from me

3 churchs in Kremlin

That’s the biggest Church in St.Petersburg !

Peter I with the People’s Court in St.Petersburg !

Summer Palace

Summer Palace is famous for it’s fountains.

Above the Newa River

The church of the resurrection of Christ, the Saviour on the spilled blood ! It’s close to Newa Street !

hehe, Happy to sit on this equipage back to China !

Russia is Amazing with such kind of splending churchs and palaces ! But Moscow ppl r so cold to foreigners. I love St.Petersburg more, Ppl r nice to you , and they speak English , German and French ! So cool, I felt I am alive in Petersburg, at least ppl understand me ! When i was in Moscow, Nobody speaks english to me, and deadly cold to me ! sigh !Just like what I told my friends, Moscow is a grey city and St.Petersburg is a colorful Paradise ! The trip was short, hope i have chance to check 3 golden rings next time ! I was alone but never felt lonely 🙂

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Maya Restaurant + Vue Bar + Windows

Maya is a Mexcian restaurant .

It’s on Julu Lu , Really  nice place ~

The food are delicious ~ but the ice cream is too sweet . god !

2nd Stop is Vue Bar,

Good view of the bund !

The other side is modern Pudong

After couple hours , the bund seems falling asleep !

Ah, the vue bar is in Hyatt Hotel . on the north of the bund !

Not sure if they are real wine ~ but looks great !


Windows in Sogo Shopping Mall ~!

Hmmmm, very cheap bar , Can’t say I like it !

Windows is famous for it’s cheap alcohol ! check the price ~

Ah, have nothing to talk about Windows, But met a cute mixed Chinese Amercian boy ! haha ~

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He is back but not for me !!!

U left without telling me ! When i found it, it was kind of late .

I was waiting for u back. but when it will be ended ?

Nice memory always poped up in my dream !

My love is gone after u left !

I tried to stand up again ! God helps me a lot !
Now u r back for no reasons !but it won’t bother me ! I believe I will find my wonderful life !

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2010 Expo in Shanghai ( E Area Puxi and C Area Pudong)

GM Pavilion ! That’s my furute car ! haha !

Here is in Space Museum !

African Joint Pavilion ! More than 30 countries inside !

UK , very nice, but nothing inside ! really disappointed ppl !

Got Vip in Spain ! Nice dancer !

One of my favorite ! Spainish Baby !

Monaco ! One of the richest country, but i don’t think they have something to show ppl !

Latvia and Estonia pavilion ! You only can see colorful pig in Estonia! totally no ideas of it !

The only thing you can in Denmark pavilion ! boring one ! Even no bright light for us to take pic ! very dark to see it at night !

Also got Vip in Germany Pavilion ! Everything inside r made in Germany as they said ! Just want to emphasize sie sind aus Deutschland !

Power Ball ! Funny one ! ppl were very crazy , Shout to the ball !

Portugal Pavilion !

Hungary Pavilion. Nothing but that ball ! Which means they only have this kind of metal ! hehe !

Turkey Pavilion ! Ancient Zodiac !

Netherlands Pavilion ! Children’s Heaven !

Mama and I , under the Spain Pavilion !

The only one mama took for me in Finnland Pavilion !

Went to more 20 pavilions. Hmmm,Most ppl work in pavilion can speak standard Chinese, No worries about languages. And many handsome guys ! haha ! but most pavilion shows nothing to u ! Media is the most popular one they use. Like :TV :(! really pity ! We only spent half hour outside of Norway Pavilion. the others were very quick to get inside !

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BBQ at somehwere in Shanghai !

Fun BBQ Party at somewhere in SH

The house looks really nice, but what a pity, it’s not mine and it’s really far from downtown. take 45 mins drive from there to nan jing xi lu

These 4 girls r the main characters of this party ! hoho! should I introduce them again ?

Elaine W    Joyce   Nicole    Elaine LZ

Why they were holding knives ? Sure, they r not killers, just need to cut some onions !

Why Elaine W pointed the knife to my ass ?

The food r done ! 2 Yellow girls needed to take a rest and be taken some pics !

She is very professional !

My 1st try ! really good ! the fire flew out ,BUT I am so brave !!!!!!!

Nicole looks really so grace with my lovely scarf!!!

That’s the host ! Without him, we couldn’t have done that many things ! haha ! Xie xie !

Are they looks so delicious ?

I was ready to have wonderful dinner ! haha ! e si le !

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